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Off Limits: Ice Cream

Off Limits is back for season two and we are bringing you our sweetest episode yet! Watch Dr. Larissa go behind the scenes with ice cream scientist, Tammy Barrett, at Chapman's Ice Cream factory.

STEM Challenge: Ice Cream

You can be an ice cream scientist, too! Create your own perfect scoop for a chance to win.

My Internship with the Department of Fisheries and Oceanography

The Youth Internship Pilot Program was an incredible seven-week internship in which I worked with many experienced professionals within the DFO.

The Queen of the Hurricanes: Why Elsie MacGill Inspires Me

Dubbed the “Queen of the Hurricanes” while starring in a 1942 comic strip, Elsie MacGill certainly lived up to the name. She was a Canadian aviation trailblazer and feminist who continues to inspire!

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CAGIS Virtual: Frozen Delights

Mint Chocolate, Tiger Tail, Rocky Road… what’s your favourite kind of ice cream? Discover the secret ingredient for making the ultimate ice cream and sorbet, and walk away with your own personalized ice cream!

CAGIS Virtual: Traditional Indigenous Knowledge and the Tikinagan

Explore traditional Indigenous technologies and engineering design. Then, apply Indigenous Knowledge to create your own Tikinagan.

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