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Get ready for a rare celestial event - a solar eclipse!

On April 8th, Canadians will have the chance to witness either a partial or total solar eclipse. But what is a solar eclipse? Astrophysicist, Dr. Parshati Patel, explains why this eclipse is so unique, and how to safely experience it.

Make a Solar Eclipse Projector

CAGIS Teen Ambassador, Shifa Hussain (16), tells us how to make a Solar Eclipse Projector at home, so we can safely experience the upcoming solar eclipse.

Off Limits: Toy Lab

Have you ever wondered how toys are made? Enter the playful world of a toy engineer!

Catherine McKenzie is an award-winning author!

Our very own Project Coordinator, Catherine McKenzie, won a national writing award for her manuscript, A Drop in the Ocean.

Toy Engineer STEM Challenge

It's your turn to be a toy engineer and an entrepreneur! Invent a new toy and "pitch" it to our judges for your chance to win an amazing prize pack!

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CAGIS Virtual: Choose Your Own STEM Adventure!

Saturday, June 1

A software company asks YOU to test a new video game… But suddenly, you’re trapped inside the game! Work together and complete challenges to find your way back to the real world!

CAGIS Virtual: Toy Engineering

Saturday, May 25

Have you heard of a Finger Slinger-Flinger? Of course not! It’s a toy that doesn’t exist… yet! 

In this session, we will become toy engineers and build the Finger Slinger-Flinger together.

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