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Off Limits: Forensic Science

There’s been a crime! Can you crack the case? Follow Dr. Larissa and forensic practitioner, Dr. Jenna Comstock from Ontario Tech University as they search for clues. Watch as they chemically enhance the evidence to identify a suspect and solve the crime!

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

This year, we asked you to use your voice! See our inspiring collection of stories and images in response to the question, "what do you want people to know about gender equity in STEM?"

Forensic Science STEM Challenge

Put the science behind crime-solving!

Aviation and Oceanography: Why it’s important to try everything!

CAGIS Teen Ambassador wins an aviation scholarship and an oceanography award!

Meet the 2023-2024 Teen Ambassadors

CAGIS is pleased to introduce an inspiring group of youth: the 2023-2024 Teen Ambassadors. Read about their personal STEM journeys and future ambitions.

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CAGIS Virtual: Forensic Mystery

Saturday, March 2
Something has gone missing from a science lab! What happened is a mystery… but in this session, we will use forensic science to crack the case.

CAGIS Virtual: Ooh-La-Lung!

Saturday, March 9

Crackles, gurgles, and rhonchi, oh my! Explore what happens in our lungs and airways when we breathe—and how things change when we get sick!

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