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Get ready for a rare celestial event - a solar eclipse!

On April 8th, Canadians will have the chance to witness either a partial or total solar eclipse. But what is a solar eclipse? Astrophysicist, Dr. Parshati Patel, explains why this eclipse is so unique, and how to safely experience it.

Make a Solar Eclipse Projector

CAGIS Teen Ambassador, Shifa Hussain (16), tells us how to make a Solar Eclipse Projector at home, so we can safely experience the upcoming solar eclipse.

Off Limits: Forensic Science

A crime has been committed! Can you crack the case? Watch our latest Off Limits video.

Catherine McKenzie is an award-winning author!

Our very own Project Coordinator, Catherine McKenzie, won a national writing award for her manuscript, A Drop in the Ocean.

On International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we asked you to use your voice!

We asked you to share what you wanted other people to know about gender equity in STEM. Your responses are inspiring!

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CAGIS Virtual: Build an Eclipse Projector

Saturday, April 6
A solar eclipse is right around the corner! In this session, we will design and build an eclipse projector—a device that you can use to safely watch the shadow of the eclipse.

Jelly Synthesis

Saturday, April 20

Have you heard of a hydrogel? It’s a special material that scientists and engineers are using to revolutionise medicine! Create your own gel with a biomedical engineering researcher.

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