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Forensic Science STEM Challenge

Forensic Investigators analyze fingerprints to help identify who was involved in a crime. Now it’s your turn to put the science behind crime-solving into practice!

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Conservation STEM Challenge

“Citizen science” involves everyday people contributing to scientific research, usually by collecting data. It plays an important role in helping conservation efforts. You can be a citizen scientist too!

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Meet the Winners of our latest Contest

Congratulations to Leah (11) and Aleena (12) for winning our Conservation STEM Challenge! Watch their winning entries and read what our STEM Challenge judge had to say about them.

Leah’s Entry

That is incredible- 109 species!! So many people miss the amazing diversity of plants. Your commitment to identify the many different species using different tools is so impressive. Your plant knowledge means good news for nature!!

– Dolf DeJong, President and CEO of the The Toronto Zoo


Aleena’s Entry

“This was a fantastic video with powerful imagery to connect your viewers to nature! I really respect how you shared your personal interest in plants and what you learned along the way. It is also impressive to see your use of iNaturalist- 49 species, 101 observations- WOW!! Thank you for your work building people’s awareness of the amazing plants in our communities.

– Dolf DeJong, President and CEO of the The Toronto Zoo

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