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CAGIS Clubhouse

Learning Machines

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Did you know that computers can learn and make decisions? In this session, we will dive into the high-tech world of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)! We will understand how machines can learn from their mistakes, get smarter with each try, and develop a reinforcement learning agent to navigate through a maze! 

Materials: Print this template. We recommend printing two copies of pages 1 and 2, so you will have extra blank maze grids to use. You will also need something to write with (pencil, crayon, marker) and some craft items of your choice (pom poms, play doh, etc.) to make a pawn to move through the maze.

Expert: Sadia is currently doing a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. She researches Machine Learning and some really cool tech that will make the future internet much better. She loves writing blogs for students, making YouTube videos, listening to sci-fi audiobooks, painting on her iPad, and, more than all, meeting brilliant young people who love science.

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