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Meet the CAGIS Teen Ambassadors for 2020

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CAGIS Teen Ambassadors 2020-2021


Aleeza likes to observe, explore ideas, and solve problems. She plans to put those skills to good use in the future by pursuing medicine. Fun fact: Aleeza loves reading books. Between March and September, she read 57 books!


Anne is interested in biochemistry, neuroscience and biomedical engineering and would like to pursue medical research in the future. She also likes playing music, painting and playing volleyball. Fun fact: Anne loves doing science experiments, but she doesn’t love cleaning them up!


Beatriz is interested in neuroscience and psychology and would like to study behavioural neurology in the future. She also loves animals; she rides a horse named Chicago and has a dog (McCalla) and two cats (Zink and Zyla). She also really likes reading and baking. Fun fact: Beatriz speaks English, French, and is learning Spanish.


Bianca likes robotics (First Lego League), coding, and doing chemistry experiments. She is interested in studying engineering in the future. She also likes reading, swimming, biking, skating, skiing, chess, and volleyball. Fun fact: Bianca can solve the Rubik’s Cube in under 5 minutes!


Clara likes doing science experiments, graphic design, and coding and plans to pursue engineering and graphic design in the future. She also likes hiking, being in nature, painting, and drawing.


Daniella likes coding, and medical science. She plans to pursuing computer programming, health sciences, or biomedical engineering in the future. She also loves reading, biking, swimming, skating, skiing, robotics (First Lego League), and baking. Fun fact: Daniella has a twin, and they look and think alike!

Davina Jane

Davina Jane likes science  in general (particularly computer science). She also likes drawing and reading. Fun fact: Davina Jane lived in Europe for two years when she was younger.


Diya is interested in biology, physics and aerospace engineering. She hopes to pursue a career in biology, health sciences or engineering. She also enjoys biking, swimming, reading, and playing guitar. Fun fact: Diya recently started composing music in her free time!


Ehlam is interested in medicine, biology, and biochemistry, and aspires to become a cardiovascular surgeon. She also likes to write and would like to become a part-time author. Fun fact: Ehlam is a first-degree brown belt in karate and knows how to handle five different types of weapons!


Elissa is interested in marine biology, chemistry, and engineering, and plans to pursue the field of marine biology or another type of biology that involves work outdoors. She also likes figure skating, playing guitar, skiing, hiking, and kayaking. Fun fact: Elissa spent her 11th birthday in Australia doing the Great Ocean Walk, a 104 km hike over 6 days!


Georgina is interested in health sciences and would like to become a family medicine doctor and a therapist. She also likes writing, drawing, languages, mythology, and folklore. Fun fact: Georgina is teaching herself electroswing dancing!


Hanna-Mari is interested in medicine, neuroscience, chemistry, genetics, math, and how things work. She plans to study neuroscience in the future. She also likes creative writing, reading, drawing, Dungeons and Dragons, board games, and Minecraft. Fun fact: Hanna-Mari can follow two books by reading one and listening to another simultaneously.


Jaidyn is interested in biology, computer science, chemistry, and engineering. She would like to study technology and medical sciences in the future. She also loves to ski, swim, bake, play guitar, and read lots of great books. Fun fact: one of Jaidyn’s first CAGIS memories when she was little was learning the science of baking; it taught her how much fun everyday science could be. To this day, she’s still obsessed with baking!


Jessica is interested in biology, math, and technology, and plans to pursue a career as a biologist and/or medical researcher and/or doctor. She also loves reading, piano, gardening, skating, helping people, asking questions, and trying new things. Fun fact: Jessica’s favourite music genre is classical music, because it can communicate limitless emotions through intricately woven pitches, dynamics and tempo.


Karah is interested in technology and programming, and is still deciding what she wants to study in the future. She also likes sports science, physics, and chemistry of cosmetics. Fun fact: Karah likes to cook and bake in her spare time.


Mala is interested in coding, chemistry, and biology. She’s still deciding what she wants to study in the future, but she knows it will be in the sciences! Fun fact: Mala is learning to code websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Mariana is passionate about math and loves to discover anything related to biology and chemistry. In the future, she would like to study chemistry, journalism, and interior designer. Fun fact: Mariana loves to bake pastries and was chosen to participate in a baking show called Bake Sale Showdown!


Meredith is interested in environmental science, chemistry, and technology, and is still deciding what she wants to study in the future. She also likes to craft, explore new things, paddle board, and read. Fun fact: Meredith has a dog named Bella.


Misimi is interested in robotics, computers, and math, and plans to study engineering. She also likes art, music, reading, and board games.


Nicole is interested in physics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & machine learning, computer science, and statistics. She plans to study civil engineering in the future. She also likes swimming, coding, reading, & web design. Fun fact: Nicole is an aquatics instructor!


Patricia is interested in protein engineering, structural biology, genetic engineering, biotechnology, space, astrobiology, and biorobotics. She also likes art, music, RPGs, and science fiction/science fantasy. Fun fact: Patricia has over 20 nicknames, including Pepper, Oatmeal, and Pineapple!


Ramandeep is interested in computer science, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and longevity. She plans to pursue computer science and work as a software engineer. She also likes reading, writing, and drawing.


Shabad is interested in biochemistry, biomedical engineering, and math. She is considering a career in forensic pathology, medical technology, or genetic engineering. Fun fact: Shabad is a brown belt in Shotokan karate!


Shifa is interested in many math and science topics and hopes to do work with quantum computing and space exploration with robots in the future. She also likes camping and biking. Fun fact: Shifa won a trip to Disneyland by entering a contest on Breakfast Television!


Tharuni is interested in technology and its applications like 3D bioprinting of organs, rapid drug development, self driven motor vehicles, and combating communication delays in future space missions. She plans to continue stuyding science and technology in the future. She also likes reading and swimming.


Vera is interested in many STEM topics including health sciences. She is interested in pursuing medicine, law, or business in the future. She also likes travelling, art, reading, and volunteering, and is an avid pianist. Fun fact: one of her dreams is to travel the world and write a blog documenting her journey.

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