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CAGIS Clubhouse

Toy Engineering

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Have you heard of a Finger Slinger-Flinger? Of course not! It’s a toy that doesn’t exist… yet!

In this session, we will become toy engineers! Join us as we build a Finger Slinger-Flinger together, and explore how STEM and entrepreneurship can combine to create new toys that find their way into our hearts and homes.

This session is linked to our Toy Engineering Off Limits video and STEM Challenge!



Ages 7-11: 8 am PT • 9 am MT • 10 am CT • 11 am ET • 12 pm AT
Ages 11-16: 10 am PT • 11 am MT • 12 pm CT • 1 pm ET • 2 pm AT

Materials and Preparation

You will need the following materials for this session:

  • Scissors
  • 3 disposable cups (e.g., styrofoam, plastic, paper). 
    • Note: you must be able to cut through the cup material with a pair of scissors
  • 2 round/smooth pencils, wooden dowels, or round chopsticks
  • Tape 
  • 2 sheets of paper
  • Tissue/Kleenex
  • Another cup (can be any size, any material)

Meet the Expert

Rhiannon Vu

Rhiannon is a 4th year Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering student at McMaster University and is the Co-Vice President of Outreach for the Women in Engineering Society.

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