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CAGIS Clubhouse

Turtley Awesome Sea Turtles

sea turtle swimming in turquoise water

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 | 5:30 – 7:30 pm

You’ve probably heard a lot about sea turtles over the past few years (remember the switch to metal and reusable straws?!). At this event, sea turtle experts will teach us all about these magnificent creatures through interactive experiments and simulations. We will participate in a mapping activity using real sea turtle tagging data and have the opportunity to simulate the tagging process (taking size measurements, choosing the appropriate tag, and seeing how the tagging system works remotely). We will also get hands-on with some sea specimens such as seaweed, algae, jellyfish, crabs, and sea sponges.

If you’re interested in saving the turtles, this one is definitely for you!

Location: Halifax, NS (Register to receive exact location details)

Ages: This is event is for girls and gender-diverse youth ages 9 to 16.

Please note the age ranges listed for these events are guidelines. If siblings in different age groups are interested in attending, you may choose to register them too, even if they do not fall within the recommended age range for the session.

Registration Information: All youth attending must register using the link below. For non-CAGIS members, a guardian is required to stay for the event and must also register below. Participants who are CAGIS members are not required to have a parent/guardian stay for the event. 

Registration Deadline: September 18th at 9:00 am AST

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