Toy Engineering STEM Challenge

colourful toys

It’s your turn to be a toy engineer and an entrepreneur! Invent a new toy and “pitch” it to our judges for your chance to win an amazing prize pack!

Forensic Science STEM Challenge

a sheet of paper with fingerprints on it and a magnifying glass

Forensic Investigators analyze fingerprints to help identify who was involved in a crime. Now it’s your turn to put the science behind crime-solving into practice!

Conservation STEM Challenge

ferret at food bowl

“Citizen science” involves everyday people contributing to scientific research, usually by collecting data. It plays an important role in helping conservation efforts. You can be a citizen scientist too!

Ice Cream STEM Challenge

three ice cream cones

This is our sweetest challenge, yet! We want you to create a perfect scoop of ice cream featuring a unique flavour.

Winter Lab STEM Challenge

Winter boots on ice

This is your chance to be a bioengineer, test materials, and keep a popsicle stick person safe on a block of ice!