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CAGIS Clubhouse

The Three Sisters, Water, & Indigenous Knowledge

Saturday, October 11, 2023

Indigenous Peoples have been monitoring, collecting data, and stewarding the land and the environment across the ages. This has led to a rich knowledge base, known as Traditional Ecological Knowledge, which is a part of Indigenous Knowledge, a recognized science.  Traditional Ecological Knowledge includes a vast body of information about the interconnected elements of the environment, information that has been transmitted through oral storytelling. 

In this session, we planted the Three Sisters (corn, squash, and beans), tested tap water at home, and learned how these elements interconnect.  We also took part in a Virtual Reality experience where participants travelled in a virtual canoe and learn about traditional Haudenosaunee, or Six Nations, cultures. 

Preparation: corn, bean, and squash seeds, soil, a pot, paints and paintbrush, paper (if the pot is not paintable), and optionally, pH test strips (these are widely available at hardware stores and pet stores).

Expert: Makaśa Looking Horse, a McMaster University student and environmental activist from the Lakota and Mohawk Wolf Clans. Makaśa is renowned for her activism for water protection and security and is the host of the Ohneganos: Let’s Talk Water YouTube series. This session was facilitated by our partners, Grandmother’s Voice.

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