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CAGIS Clubhouse

Enter the Space Lab

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Astronauts may spend days, weeks, or even months in space.  How does this affect their bodies?  Scientists are still studying the health impacts.  Team TelOmG – a group of aerospace and biology students – has been chosen to run experiments in microgravity to study how space travel might affect DNA.  In this session, they’ll lead us through our own experiment design challenge!  Join us and be part of a space science team for the day!
Preparation: Experiment 1: A bottle, water, a piece of gauze or a thin cloth, rubber band.  Experiment 2: One small ball and one large ball, or two identical containers with lids that could safely be dropped (eg. small plastic food containers, empty plastic water bottles).  Marbles, coins, or other small items that could fit in the container.
Expert: Members of TelOmG, a team that was selected by the Canadian Reduced Gravity Experiment Design Challenge to run experiments on a parabolic flight in August 2021.

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