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Holiday Gift Guide 2023

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Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the holiday season and to help you prepare, CAGIS has put together the ultimate holiday gift guide for your STEM-loving friends. Here are our top picks of books, toys, equipment, kits, and more that make all STEM dreams come true!

CAGIS Membership (Ages 7 – 16)

Give the gift of experience!  A one year membership with the Canadian Association for Girls in Science (CAGIS) involves fun, hands-on activities led by real STEM experts. You can select from different options:

CAGIS Chapter Membership ($75; $35/additional siblings): Members go on monthly field trips with hands-on activities led by STEM experts.

CAGIS Virtual Membership ($200; $50/additional siblings): Members join weekly live, online events with fun, hands-on activities led by experts in science, tech, trades, engineering, and math! Join us on Saturdays for all the fun!  


CAGIS Virtual Sessions (Ages 7 – 16)

Not a member, but want to enjoy a hands-on CAGIS Virtual session? You can!  Choose from a single session, or a discounted four session pack.

CAGIS Virtual – Single Session ($16)

CAGIS Virtual – Four Session Package ($55)


Build and Construct

Candy Vending Machine

Take your candy obsession to a new level with this Candy Vending Machine. Young engineers build the machine themselves and can continue to alter the coin’s path as they add or remove attachments. It even comes with a supply of gummies!

Age 8+ | $59.99


Antigravity Levitation Kit

This fun science kit actually includes seven activities in one. You can make a pencil float or create a random motion machine while learning the fascinating fundamentals of physics!

Age 8+ | $27.99


Hydraulic Gearbot Catapult
Build your own simple machine using the principles of levers, gears, and more. Once it’s built, this tiny catapult will actually launch small projectiles using the force of hydraulics. Just make sure you play safe and only use soft projectiles.  
Age 8+ | $29.99
Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine
Do you know a mechanic in the making? This kit contains everything you need to build a working engine model. The outer shell of the engine is made with clear plastic so, once it’s built, you can watch how the engine works in action.
Age 13+ | $69.99
Junior Pouch Bag

Pouches like these are used to carry a wide variety of necessities, like food, medicine, or small tools amongst some Indigenous Peoples. Make your own small pouch using leather and decorative beads with this Build-Your-Own kit

For a non-bulk order, email Ed-Digenous Traditions directly.

Bulk orders are AVAILABLE HERE.

 Age 8+ | $18
Snap Circuits FM Radio  
Music lovers and STEM enthusiasts will have lots of fun with this snap-together circuit. Learn about electricity and radio waves, then enjoy listening to your favorite FM station on your personal radio.  
Age 8+ | $39.99

Fun STEM Stuff

Shashibo Magnetic Puzzle
Have you ever built a puzzle? How about a 3D puzzle? This geometric shape shifter can twist and turn into 70 different shapes, all while creating a mesmerizing kaleidoscope effect. Watch and enjoy with amazement!
Age 8+ | $29.99
Celestial Buddies 
Cuddle up to these cozy friends from the cosmos! Choose from Earth, Mars, the Moon, Sun, and even a black hole! They are sure to bring a smile to anybody’s face.
All Ages | $21.84 – $39.61

CSA Long Sleeve Canadarm Shirt

We love this tongue-in-cheek shirt from the Canadian Space Agency. With “Canadarm” written down the side of one sleeve, the shirt highlights one of Canada’s most notable contributions to space exploration in a fun and fashionable way.

Available in adult sizing | $49.99


Periodic Table Articube

Have fun for hours with this STEM-twist on a classic game. Solve the puzzle and memorize the elements at the same time.

Age 8+ | $19.99


Rainbow Bismuth Crystal  
Do you have a geology lover in the family? Bismuth is an element that, once heated and cooled, transforms into beautiful, multicoloured crystals. 
Age 6+ | $6 – $31


Solar Eclipse Glasses
Be prepared for the solar eclipse, happening in April 2024. A partial eclipse will be visible across most parts of Canada, with the path of totality passing through parts of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. These glasses are ISO/CE certified.
All Ages | $6.80 – $25.50
SpyX Night ‘Nocs
Nights can feel long in the winter. Make them more fun with these night-vision goggles. You’ll be surprised how much you can see up to 25 feet away, even in the dark.
Age 6+ | $19.99


Bioplastic Kit: Strings and Sequins  
Bioplastics are made from sources like vegetable oil. In this hands-on kit, beginner scientists experiment with different concentrations of ingredients to see how they change the stretchiness of plastic strings and sequins. 
Suitable for beginners | $49
Canvas Kit: Create Living Paintings
Art and science combine in this kit that lets you create art using friendly and safe bacteria. Let your creativity shine while learning about biotechnology and genetic engineering.
Age 8+ | $58

Grow N’ Glow Terrarium

Create a garden indoors with this make-your-own terrarium. The kit includes soil, seeds, and a plant mister along with playful, decorative items. 
Age 6+ | $19.99
Recycled Paper Beads
Did you know you can make beads out of paper? It’s true! Use strips of colourful paper and watch them transform into beads. This is a great way to recycle your old magazines or newspapers and turn them into jewelry.
Age 5+ | $21.99


Pacific Northwest Plant Knowledge Cards
Nature lovers will enjoy this 72 card deck that includes full colour images of edible and medicinal plants. Each card also describes the plant’s traditional Indigenous uses and harvesting methods.
Age 10+ | $39.95
Book Bundle: Indigenous Reads for Teens

Looking for some holiday reading material? This special bundle of books for teens includes a novel, graphic novel, and a non-fiction work, so there’s something for everybody.

Titles include:

Those Pink Mountain Nights by Jen Ferguson

Visions of the Crow: Dreams Vol 1 by Wanda John-Kehewin 

Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Age 13+ | $62.04
Indigenous Ingenuity: A Celebration of Traditional North American Knowledge by Deidre Havrelock and Edward Kay
From chocolate to forest fire management, Indigenous Peoples have contributed tremendous scientific discoveries and technological inventions. This book celebrates these amazing innovations, and offers fun STEM activities to try at home. 
Age 8+ | $26.99
Searching Beyond the Stars by Nicole Mortillaro
This book answers some of our biggest questions about space while introducing us to seven inspiring women who have made enormous discoveries and contributions in their STEM fields. 
Age 10+ | $14.95

Science Ninjas: Big Trouble with Simple Machines by Nathan Schreiber

Follow the Science Ninjas on an exciting adventure that takes them through a series of simple machine obstacles.

Age 8+ | $16.99


CAGIS is not receiving payment or sponsorship from any of the products or stores listed above. All images are used with permission from the products and/or retailer. Items were available from these retailers at the time of writing.  

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