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CAGIS Clubhouse

Hormones for Life

Saturday, March 11, 2023

When you want to send a message to someone, how do you do it? Do you send a text, an email, or pass them a note? Your body sends messages through chemicals, known as hormones. They affect almost every cell, organ, and function in our body!  In this hands-on session, we used customized dominoes to explore the different types of hormones, their cascading effects, and their impacts on our daily lives. 

Materials: Download and print the Hormones Dominoes template;  cardboard or cardstock; scissors; white glue or a glue stick.

Expert: Nektaria Riso is a graduate of both McGill University and Concordia University in physiology and child development. She has extensive knowledge in endocrinology, particularly in its role in early human development. She has also worked in science communication since 2017 and is passionate about supporting women in STEM!

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