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CAGIS Clubhouse

Impact Craters

Saturday, March 13, 2021

When objects in space collide, they leave tell-tale scars.  Impact craters are the most common landform in the solar system and they range from microscopically small to thousands of kilometers wide.  Each one tells a story about the history of our universe, if you look at them like a scientist!  In this session, we’ll hear from an expert on craters, learn exactly how they’re formed, and create some model space collisions at home.
Preparation: a large saucepan, bucket or container (a foil lasagna pan works especially well), flour, sieve, cocoa, ruler, newspaper, items to simulate 2 or 3 different meteors (eg. tennis ball, marble, ball of play-doh, bouncy ball.)
Expert: Tabetha Sheppard from the Institute for Earth and Space Exploration, Western University.

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