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CAGIS Clubhouse

Leaf Chromatography

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Can you be-leaf that it’s fall already? As the seasons change, so do leaf colours. But have you ever wondered where the colours come from and why leaves change colour in the fall? In this session, we will reveal the colours of fall leaves using a chromatography technique. Learn about leaf pigments, photosynthesis, and how leaves know when to change colours. 

Preparation: green leaves from three (3) different plants, nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol (any percentage works), three (3) tall cups (that will hold the nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol), paper towels or coffee filters (white in colour if possible), scissors, tape, three (3) sticks (popsicles, chopsticks, or twigs)

Expert: Dr. Gerry Gourlay has a PhD in forest and tree biology from the University of Victoria and is a volunteer coordinator of CAGIS Victoria.

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