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Meet Dr. Parshati Patel: A Guide to the Stars

Dr. Parshati Patel and her book
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Dr. Parshati Patel is an astrophysicist turned a dynamic science communicator at Western University’s Institute for Earth and Space Exploration. 

My Book of Stars and Planets

Recently, Parshati published a book for 5- to 8-year-olds My Book of Stars and Planets. From icy worlds and hot, fiery giants, to the biggest telescopes and latest spacecraft, her book covers more than 40 profiles of the planets, stars and celestial objects. Budding astronauts will love the fun, facts, and answers to questions such as, ‘Why is space black?’”

Parshati’s Journey In STEM

Parshati’s fascination with space began with a trip to a planetarium when she was a young girl in India.

“I was blown away by what’s out there—that trip changed my life!  Thanks to the many space books and a gift of telescope, I set my eyes on being an astronomer.”

This goal and fierce determination led her around the world to study in Canada at University of Toronto and Western University.

“While I did not have a role model in my field growing up, I aspired to change that during grad school. I combined my passion for space, communication and education to now be able to bring opportunities, role models and skills to youth across Canada (& sometimes India)!”

Parshati is co-founder of the Women of Color in STEAMM Canada, and is also currently on assignment as program designer and education advisor for Youth STEM Initiatives at the Canadian Space Agency.

“I am thankful to have opportunities to support organizations & people’s efforts in changing their outlook on what a #WomenInScience looks like and can be!”

Dr. Patel is an inspirational role model and leader for children people around the world. To read her full, illustrated story, check out her #MyJourneyInSTEM thread on Twitter @ParshatiPatel.

Parshati with her telescope
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