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Meet the 2023-2024 Teen Ambassadors

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Senior Teen Ambassadors



Aayla is interested in Computer Science and Business and would like to pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and receive an MBA degree later on. She wants to create her own company later on in life, which has something related to technology, such as robotics or AI. She enjoys spending her time baking, writing, spending time with friends, family, and her birds and she enjoys music as well.

Catherine Gabrielle


Catherine Gabrielle is interested in neuroscience and psychology. Her favourite subject is chemistry, but she also enjoys classic literature. Catherine Gabrielle hopes to pursue neurosurgery in medical school or a PhD in neuroscience.



Elissa is a grade 12 homeschool student. She loves being active and enjoys figure skating, skiing, hiking, and being outside with her family. After she graduates, she wants to pursue kinesiology so she can learn knowledge of human kinetics and exercise science to help people recover from injuries.



Emma enjoys physics and mathematics because she finds it challenging! She hopes to pursue quantum physics research in the future. In her free time, she enjoys playing the flute and violin, reading, video editing and of course, working on science projects.



Errita is interested in technology and environmental science/engineering. She plans to study computer science or environmental engineering, and pursue consulting in the future. She also loves reading, listening to music, spending time outdoors, and cooking. Fun fact: matcha and oat milk is her current go-to morning drink.


Giulia is interested in biochemistry, chemical engineering, and mathematics and would like to pursue pharmacy in the future. She also likes listening to music, doing hot pilates and skiing. Fun fact: Giulia can speak 3 languages: English, French, and Romanian and is also learning Italian!



Gulnoor hopes to pursue a career in medicine and research. She has a specific goal of becoming a gynecologist and conducting pioneering research in the area of gynecological research, such as reproductive health, women’s wellness, or treatment methods. Fun fact, she is the first woman in her family to pursue a STEM career.


Jessica loves math and science. She loves Math, because of the many ways math can be rearranged into beautiful equations and relationships. She loves science because it answers the many questions she has about the world. She loves to play the piano and flute, speed skate, travel, and draw when bored. Fun Fact: She loves playing Pokémon, and she’s recently gotten into Pokémon Unite!



Kate loves finding new hobbies and trying out new experiences! Her favorite STEM topics are math and science, and she hopes to pursue chemical engineering or software engineering next year. Kate also enjoys yoga, playing the piano, reading, crocheting, and being a part of her school’s improv team. Fun fact: Kate crocheted more than 20 baby hats for her local children’s hospital!


Kristen is passionate about problem-solving and finding meaningful solutions to real-world challenges. Her favorite STEM topics include computer science, engineering, and architecture. In the future, she aspires to pursue a career in the tech industry and leverage technology to address issues such as accessibility and education. In her free time, you can often find her reading, going on nature walks, or trying her hand at new baking recipes!


Maria is interested in biochemistry and loves doing chemistry experiments. She hopes to pursue a career that enhances her love for science and math. She loves to read and sing in her spare time and loves going on a good, refreshing walk. Fun fact: She’s lived in three countries so far and can’t wait to continue traveling the world!


Meredith is interested in food science and environmental science. She is unsure what she wants to do in the future. In her spare time she loves to craft, read and go on walks with her dog. Fun Fact: She has heterochromia (two different coloured eyes).


Misimi enjoys hands-on work with technology, biological research, and learning about new STEM topics. In the future, she plans to pursue medicine, and would love to learn more about the integration of medicine and technology. In her free time, she loves to read, play games with her brother, and have fun with friends. Fun Fact: Misimi went to the Canada-Wide Science Fair for a model prosthetic arm that was built as a cost-effective alternative to modern prosthetics today!


Moya is interested in biochemistry and would like to become a pediatric cardiologist in the future. She also enjoys track and field, volunteering, baking, reading and writing fictional stories. Fun Fact: Moya is allergic to strawberries!


Rose loves to dream big and make things happen! She is interested in engineering, IT, technology, and hopes to shape advancements and innovations that help people worldwide. She also loves sports and does figure skating, swimming, skiing, and basketball. Fun fact: Rose has gone on many adventures, including skiing from mountain peaks (3600 m), sand-boarding in the desert, and south water diving!

Teen Ambassadors


Adithi is in Grade 9 and loves STEM. She is very excited to join the CAGIS Teen Ambassador program.


Aleeza has a keen interest in the medical field and aims to merge her creative expertise with her love for medicine to make a positive difference. She is enthusiastic about artificial intelligence, biology, and environmental science, and she is committed to enhancing her knowledge in these areas every day. In addition to her passion for medicine, Aleeza also has a love for photography, enjoys traveling, reading, and actively participates in community projects, all of which have had a remarkable impact on her community. Fun Fact: Aleeza likes to visit lakeshores near her home every weekend for a short break!


Ananya is a 14 year old girl who is very much interested in studying medicine and becoming a trauma surgeon. In her free time she loves to read, play soccer, and swim. Ananya knows how to speak English, Konkani, Hindi, Urdu, and quite a lot of French, one day she would like to learn Italian, German, and Japanese! Ananya has reached her 3rd year of Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form. Fun fact: Ananya’s close friends and family call her ‘pineapple’ as pineapple in French is l’ananas and that sounds quite similar to Ananya!


Ava is interested in health sciences, more specifically genetics. She likes going for walks, cooking, and horseback riding. Fun fact: Ava once got stranded on an island with her family. Luckily, it wasn’t deserted!


Avni loves science, but can’t pick which type of science she likes best out of astronomy, chemistry, biology, and physics. She hopes to pursue a career in science or volleyball. She also like listening to music, reading about mythology, and dancing. Fun fact: Avni is almost a black belt in karate (currently a 1st stage brown belt).


Diya is passionate about learning and exploring STEM-related topics like math and science. She greatly enjoys singing, running, writing, reading, playing badminton and basketball, and dancing. She would like to pursue a career in STEM in the future, preferably in science.


Diya is passionate about empowering the next generation of girls in STEM through her work as a CAGIS Teen Ambassador, Girl Up Oakville Executive, and Co-Founder of Sparkkit. She champions this cause globally, speaking at events such as the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women 67 and the Girl Up Global Leadership Summit. Beyond STEM, Diya enjoys mountain biking, playing with her dog, and reading!

Teen Ambassador Elise


Elise is interested in Physics and Biology, and wants to pursue a career in either field, but is leaning more towards Biology and Medicine. In addition to STEM, she loves poetry, sports, and superheroes. Elise also loves writing and hopes to publish a book soon!


Ghavriel enjoys learning about space and astronomy, and her favourite subject in school is Geography. She enjoys reading, playing chess, and playing the violin. She has a dog named Sprite, who is three years old. Fun fact: her favourite season is fall!


Harini has a wide variety of STEM interests, including medical sciences. She enjoys being around children and has considered about pursuing a career as a pediatrician in the future. She also enjoys volunteering, swimming, badminton, art, math, music and traveling.


Hiba has a strong passion for the STEM fields, including science, biology, technology, and coding. She has had the opportunity to interact with many significant role models in these areas and hopes to serve as an example for young girls all throughout the country. Aside from that, she enjoys a variety of hobbies, such as reading, baking, and sports like floor hockey and soccer.


Janiya likes science and technology and plans to be a doctor or a software engineer. She also likes playing badminton. Fun fact: Janiya has a bird.


Jessica is interested in math, physics, and chemistry and would like to apply any of those topics in her future career. During her spare time, she typically listens to music, reads, or draws. Fun fact: Jessica can speak three languages: English, Mandarin, and French!

Jiabei (Diana)

Diana is interested in chemistry, biology, and pharmacology. She plans to study chemistry, dentistry, or pharmacology in the future. Diana also enjoys reading, creative writing, and art. Fun fact: Diana did Classical Chinese Dance for six years when she was young.


Katie enjoys math and science (specifically chemistry), as well as astronomy. She plans on pursuing engineering or astrobiology in the future. Katie loves crocheting, playing piano, photography, and swimming. Her favourite STEM-related joke is: “What do you do with bad rainbows?” Put them in prism. Yes, it is a light sentence, but it gives them time to reflect!


Mariam is a climate enthusiast. She has been a World Changer in her school since Grade 3. Her favourite subjects are math and science. She likes doing hands-on experiments such as making elephant toothpaste, home-made paper, building apps, websites, and cryptography. Some of my other hobbies are reading novels and playing musical instruments such as piano, violin, and ukulele.


Mirthikaa is interested in discovering new mathematical topics and loves learning about the various cellular functions. She plans on studying forensic science and/or medicine. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, swimming and learning French. Fun fact: Mirthikaa loves crocheting and has created a crochet shirt and a hat.


Muhitha has a likes to do graphic designing, animation, and science experiments and is interested in business development and herbalism. She wants to pursue her dreams of becoming a graphic designer or starting her business in specializing herbal skincare. She likes to do drawing, reading, writing and animating.


Namya is interested in the sciences, and aspires to build a career in medicine. Beyond her academic pursuits, she enjoys swimming and coding.


Natalie is interested in neuroscience, biology, and genetics, and she hopes to pursue a career in medicine in the future. She loves photography, reading, writing, crocheting, and doing calligraphy. Fun fact: Natalie works as a lifeguard and swim instructor!


Naveena has a lot of interest in sciences, specifically physics and chemistry. She has a passion for building and hopes to pursue a career in engineering in the future. She finds computer coding fun as well because it involves some problem solving and Naveena loves taking on new challenges! 


Poorvikaa likes to explore many topics in STEM, although currently she is mostly interested in Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, and Human Systems. She is still deciding between careers and has interests in writing, drawing, and badminton. She likes to work in a team and has good communication skills. She has been learning classical dance for 10 years.


Richa is interested in biology, biochemistry and health sciences and aspires to become a Pediatric Oncologist by pursuing medicine after high school. She also loves to dance, sing, paint, play the piano, read…A LOT and write in her free time. Fun Fact: She’s currently learning American Sign Language in hopes of extending her helping hand to more people!

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Sahana is interested in neuroscience and biomedical engineering, and would like to pursue a career in the medical or engineering field. She likes to play violin and her favourite sport is swimming. She loves to learn and experience new challenges. Fun Fact: Sahana loves learning about animals, especially reptiles.


Shifa is interested in a variety of topics, such as space tech, biotechnology and neurotechnology. She is an innovator who creates solutions that matter using the power of technology. Her interests include reading about quantum mechanics and other complex physics topics. A fun fact about her is that she was invited to be featured in a documentary by Morgan Stanley, where she got to interact with a new type of space suit designed specifically for women!


Suhani is interested in Analytics, Data science and Math overall! She also enjoys learning about how different actions happening around her affects the wealth of the country. Driven by this curiosity about the economy, she has set her sights on pursuing Finance and Economics at the post-secondary level. She loves baking and cooking, volunteering in her community, snowboarding, organizing events in her school, and enjoys watching shows on Netflix. Fun Fact: She has been dancing since she was 5 years old, and today she leads the dance team in her school.


Tanmayi is interested in health sciences and would like to pursue a career in the medical field. She would like to become a gynecologist or a dermatologist. She also loves reading, dancing, playing sports (especially volleyball), painting and trying new things. Fun fact: She does dance performances for special events.


Tanushka loves science which is why she is excited to be a part of this program. After she completes high school, she is interested in pursuing marine biology. She would also like to try out writing as a hobby.

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Vienna is very interested in biochemistry and medical sciences and would someday want to become an ophthalmologist. Vienna also enjoys dancing and playing volleyball. Fun fact: Vienna knows how to speak English, French and Japanese, and she is currently learning how to speak Italian.

Junior Teen Ambassadors


Adithi is interested in health science, math, and chemistry. She wants to study health sciences in the future. She also enjoys drawing, creative writing, painting, cooking, biking, and swimming. Fun fact: Adithi is obsessed with Bubble tea.


Aleena is passionate about STEM, especially math, technology, and engineering. She likes taking care of the environment and bringing awareness about global problems such as pollution. Her favourite subjects are math and science. In her spare time, she enjoys coding, reading, and drawing.


Anika loves biology, chemistry, and archaeology. Her hobbies include soccer, volleyball, board games, hiking, dancing, and playing the flute. Anika aspires to be a Biologist or an Archaeologist. Fun fact: She can communicate in 5 languages and draw geometrical shapes free hand. 


Anvi is interested in science and math, and she loves to do experiments. She is interested in almost all kinds of sports. Her favorite sport is badminton.


Bhavishyaa (Bhavi) is passionate about anything and everything about space, space-related technologies, and artificial intelligence. She is the winner of CSA’s Space Brain Hack challenge and runs a STEM camp for students around the world every school break. She loves particpating in hackathons and projects related to STEM and programming. Fun fact: Bhavi loves playing the flute and she can solve a rubix cube!


Chloe is interested in CAD(Computer-Aided Design), math, technology and art. In the future, she would like to study architecture. She also likes volleyball, playing the guitar, reading, swimming, programming, and trying new things. Fun fact: Chloe is currently in a robotics(First Robotics Canada) team.


Shridhanvi is interested computer science in general. She plans to pursue a job involving computer science when she becomes older. She likes to play Chess, play the flute, swim and play badminton. Fun Fact: I love reading Percy Jackson books. I have read almost all of the book written by Rick Riordan.

Oakville Chapter Teen Ambassadors


Alia is a passionate and driven individual with a deep-rooted interest in the complexities of the human brain. Her journey into the world of neuroscience began with an insatiable curiosity about the inner workings of the mind. With a clear vision of her future, Alia aspires to become a neurologist. Outside of her academic pursuits, Alia finds joy and balance in an active and creative lifestyle. She’s an avid reader, swimmer and her musical talents shine through her piano melodies.


Arshia is interested in Biology, Chemistry and Forensic Sciences. She hopes to become an Ophthalmologist or Neurosurgeon when she grows up. She enjoys karate, swimming, theatre, knitting, playing bass guitar and piano. Fun fact: She can speak 4 languages and is an avid mineral collector.


Bianca is a hardworking grade 11 student in the IB program. She enjoys reading, coding, baking, swimming, skiing, kayaking, and playing chess. At school and in extra-curriculars, she finds opportunities to participate in STEM activities and give back to her community.


Daniella is a grade 11 student pursuing the IB program. Her hobbies include reading, coding, public speaking, swimming, skiing, kayaking, and playing badminton. She is excited to design and build robots this year as part of a FIRST Robotics team!


Lauren is interested in biochemistry, medical sciences, biology and would like to pursue a career in medical research in the future. She also likes playing the piano, reading, baking, and discovering new places and foods. Fun fact: She taught her self to crochet during the Pandemic and loves it!


Naomi interesting in pursuing anything in the engineering field, specifically with technology, computer science and architecture. She loves listening to music while belting out the lyrics and dancing too! She really loves being able to do hands on experiences and seeing the work she does have a positive impact on people. Fun fact: She wants to travel a lot when she’s older because she loves learning about new cultures and meeting new people.


Sangamitra likes robotics and coding. She is also interested in animating and designing. After school, she likes to draw and make crafts (like bookmarks, organizers, fidget toys, etc.). She also likes biking, swimming, roller skating, and badminton. Fun Fact: Sangamitra can speak, read, and write Tamil and English, learned Spanish, Sanskrit, and Hindi, and is still learning French.


Serena is interested in many fields in STEM, like health sciences, coding, and engineering, but would like to explore her options for the future. She also loves to read (especially murder mysteries), swim, do crafts, and baking. Serena also likes to watch Bollywood movies with her family on the weekends. Fun fact: Cookie dough and mug cakes are her favorite to make, because they’re so easy!


Seyona is interested in the fields of neuroscience, biochemistry, and genetics. She plans to study life sciences at a top Canadian university. Seyona enjoys playing volleyball,Taekwondo, swimming, music, painting, and baking.


Valini is interested in biomedical science and technology and she just loves science in general. She loves playing volleyball, reading books and listening to music. Fun fact: Valini cannot shut up during movies and she loves to argue with people.

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