Make Your own Beeswax Wrap

Graphic showing beeswax wrap and honey bees

Beeswax wraps are great for covering cold and room temperature foods that will be eaten within a few hours, or up to one day later, which makes them perfect for packing same-day lunches. Do not use beeswax wraps on highly perishable foods or foods that you plan on keeping for more than a day.

Birthday Paradox

 By CAGIS This year it’s our 30th birthday, so what better topic to talk about than the birthday paradox! With 23 people in a room, there is a 50% chance that at least two people will have the same birthday. With 75 people in a room, there is a 99% chance that at least two people will […]

Grow Food from Table Scraps

Graphic showing lettuce and farm vegetables

This activity can be tried with a number of vegetables, including carrots, ginger root, garlic, onions, celery, beets, and potatoes.

Quick Question: Why do Cookies Smell so Good?

Row of Gingerbread Cookies

Have you ever wondered what makes cakes and cookies smell so good? Spices and flavourings like cinnamon, almond extract, and vanilla are considered “aromatics”. They add lovely smells and flavours to baking.

How to Photograph the Milky Way

Southwestern Ontario Milky Way

Spring and summers offer us warm temperatures and the ideal time to look up and enjoy the night sky! While stargazing in itself is fun, technology has made it easy and accessible for many to capture the night sky with astrophotography.

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