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Scholarship Success: A Panel for Teens

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Are you applying to post-secondary education and scholarships soon?

The CAGIS Teen Ambassadors are hosting a live, virtual event for teens to speak to scholarship directors, administrators, and awardees. The event is an opportunity for high school students – particularly girls, non-binary, and gender nonconforming youth – to gain advice for applying to scholarships! The FREE event will include rotating breakout rooms with one scholarship director or administrator and one awardee in each room. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and foster conversation. Every 20 minutes, the experts will move to the next breakout room so that all participants have the chance to hear from all panelists. 

Join us on November 13th for an informative panel. The panel will follow Q&A format and will be open to teens in high school. Pre-registration is required (registration closes one hour before the panel). This is a free event (no cost).

November 13, 2021  at 1 pm Pacific • 2 pm Mountain • 3 pm Central • 4 pm Eastern • 5 pm Atlantic.

The Panelists

Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship

The Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship is awarded to women pursuing a career as commercial pilots or aircraft maintenance engineers. Recipients receive $20,000 per year for three years towards a post-secondary aviation flight program or aircraft repair maintenance program.

Judy Cameron

Judy Cameron’s first flight in a single-engine Cessna 150, when she was just 19, had her gripping her seat and screaming… with delight. She loved it. Knowing that she had to get back up in the air, she became a pilot herself. Judy Cameron was the first female pilot hired by Air Canada in April 1978 at 23. In her flying career of 40 years, she flew over 23,000 hours. In 2010, Judy became the first female captain in Canada of a Boeing 777, the largest aircraft in Air Canada’s fleet. She retired in 2015, received the Elsie MacGill Northern Lights Flight Operations Award, and in 2016 she was chosen by the Ninety-Nines (the International Organization of Women Pilots) to be on its Canadian postage stamp.

Urooj Ali

Urooj Ali is a 2021 Judy Cameron Scholarship awardee and is in her second year of geography and aviation at the University of Waterloo while completing her Commercial Pilot License at Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre. She obtained her Glider and Private Pilot licenses as an Air Cadet. Urooj is a member of the NLAF Junior Board of Directors. She says, “Outside of my own interest in aviation, my secondary goal has always been to inspire young girls and women to pursue a career in Aviation”.

Winnie Ho

Winnie Ho is a 2021 Judy Cameron Scholarship awardee and is studying science and Aviation at the University of Waterloo, while flight training at the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre. She recently completed her multi-engine rating and is pursuing her Group 1 Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot License. Winnie is a member of the NLAF Junior Board of Directors. She says “Mentorship, outreach, inspiring the next generation of aviators, and supporting other women in aviation are all very important to me.”

Opterus Helen Rose STEM Award

The Helen Rose STEM Award is awarded to women between the ages of 16-28 who want to contribute to creating a better world. Recipients receive $10,000 towards a STEM program of their choice at an accredited Canadian university or college.

Janet Hawkins

Janet Hawkins is President, CEO, and Co-founder of Opterus Inc., whose cloud-based software solutions simplify retail communications. Before launching Opterus in 2006, she held management roles with NCR and SAP where she focused on creating alliances, building partner programs and business development. She is also an advisor for the Canaccord Genuity Advisory Program for Women Entrepreneurs. When she is not solving problems for retailers and forging strategic alliances, Janet enjoys hiking near her Toronto-area home with her dog Loik, painting and creating art with mixed materials, and traveling to awesome restaurants to fulfill her inner foodie.

Janet Hawkins

Montana Blum was a 2019 Opterus Helen Rose STEM awardee and is a third-year medical student at the University of British Columbia. Before returning home to the west coast to pursue medicine, she completed her B.A. & Sc. at McGill. Montana is interested in the intersection between climate change and population health as well as gender equity. Apart from academics, Montana loves to swim, hike, play piano, and bake. Montana is thrilled to be sitting on the selection board and learning about this years’ inspiring applicants.

TD Scholarship for Community Leadership

The TD Scholarships for Community Leadership are awarded to youth with outstanding leadership in making an impactful difference in their community. Recipients receive up to $70,000 for tuition and living expenses, and mentorship, networking and paid summer employment opporunities.

Link to TD Scholarships for Community Leadership website


Jane Thompson

Jane Thompson is the Executive Director of the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership. She serves as president of the Board of the National Scholarship Providers Association and is a founding member of a Canadian Scholarship Providers’ Round Table Community of Practice. She holds a Ph. D. in women’s history and is the author of Resilient Woman: Weaving Together Work, Family and Self in the Twenty-First Century. Jane is an enthusiastic public speaker on scholarships and on women combining paid work and family life.

Jawahir Al Bayati

Jawahir Al Bayati is a 2021 TD Scholar and a first-year health sciences student at Queen’s University. She is passionate about educational advocacy. In 2020, Jawahir founded Triple T (Teens Tutoring Teens), a free tutoring service to narrow the achievement gap in London, Ontario.

The Launchpad Scholarship by Tundra Technical
The Launchpad Scholarship is awarded to girls and gender non-binary youth who display excellency in research skills and STEM knowledge. Recipients receive $1500 towards of STEM program of their choice and mentorship and recruitment opportunities. 
Link to The Launchpad Scholarship by Tundra Technical website

Christina Esposito

Christina Esposito is the Marketing Lead at Tundra Technical Solutions and built the Women in STEM Launchpad Project to offer high school students scholarships, job opportunities, and mentorship with influential women in STEM in Canada and the United States. She entered the STEM industries as a technical recruiter, hiring developers and engineers for top organizations across the globe. Christina is a multimedia artist in her spare time who loves graphic design, making jewelry, and painting.

Kortni Kindree

Kortni is a 2019 Launchpad Scholarship awardee and a 3rd-year student at the University of Toronto Mississauga pursuing molecular biology and chemistry. She is currently a collaborator on a research project where she studies the genetics and genomic features of yeast cultures worldwide and she sequences different yeast cultures and explores their mating patterns. She has developed a strong passion for genetic research and molecular biology-related topics and hopes to pursue a career in genetics and cancer research. When she is not studying or in the lab, Kortni loves to dance and is the captain of the competitive dance team at UTM! She is also a strong advocate for mental health and is the vice-president of the UTM Mental Health Student Association at UTM.

Marjan Ahmed

Marjan Ahmed is a 2019 Launchpad Scholarship awardee and a computer science student at Ryerson University. She has a strong interest in project management, management of technology, cybersecurity, and law. Marjan has created a game called Trail n Meet to teach girls about women in stem ( Fun fact: Marjan was born in Texas!

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