The Science of Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete planter

CAGIS Calgary | Monday, November 20
Come learn about the importance of reinforced concrete for building integrity for trades workers, construction workers, civil engineers, artists, and more.

Be an Astronomer for the Day

a galaxy in space

CAGIS Guelph | Saturday, October 21
Have you ever looked up at the night sky and tried to find patterns in the stars? Be an astronomer for the day at this special CAGIS Guelph event.

Coding at Carleton

Planets and stars in space

CAGIS Ottawa | Thursday, October 5
Come celebrate World Space Week with us and our friends from Virtual Ventures!


computer code

CAGIS Vancouver | Sunday, October 1

Lights, Physics, Action! Join us as a team from the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing introduce us to a variety of technologies that use ideas from quantum mechanics.

Turtley Awesome Sea Turtles

sea turtle swimming in turquoise water

CAGIS Halifax | Tuesday, September 19

You’ve probably heard a lot about sea turtles over the past few years (remember the switch to metal and reusable straws?!). Join us as the sea turtle experts teach us about these magnificant creatures through interactive experiments and simulations. If you’re interested in saving the turtles, this one is definitely for you!

Be a Plant Scientist for a Day

venus fly trap

Did you know that plants are smarter than we think? CAGIS Hamilton got up close and personal with some amazing plants that can move, lure and catch prey, or even have their own defense system.

Be a Chemist for a Day


Have you ever wondered how medicines are made at a microscopic or nanoparticle scale? Join CAGIS Vancouver and scientists from chemical company, Evonik, for a fun, hands-on experience!

Highlights from February 11 Events

On February 11, we launched our 30th anniversary celebrations and marked the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with a #MyJourneyInSTEM campaign!