Python for Climate Change

In this session, you will start writing lines of code in Python and work with others to help the environment!

Sustainable Seas

Join us to learn more about these fascinating creatures and use recycled materials to build a model turtle that swims on its own!

Melting Permafrost

In this session, we created our own little permafrost world to explore how permafrost works and what we can do to help slow climate change.

Protect Your Mind

In this session, we used play dough and eggs to model the head and brain and test our own “head” protection designs.

Hormones for Life

In this hands-on session, we used customized dominoes to explore the different types of hormones, their cascading effects, and their impacts on our daily lives.

Stem Cells in Action

At this event, our participants used gummy bears to explore these processes and created models of different cell types like skin cells, muscle cells, or brain cells.

Electric Lemons

In this event, we learned about the materials typically used to make modern batteries, explored energy alternatives that can bring a greener future, and built our own lemon-powered devices!

Coding in Space

We participated in the European Space Agency’s Astro Pi Challenge!

The Sweet Science of Fudge

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we explored how the right amount of heat and mixing creates sugar micro-crystals needed for smooth, creamy fudge. It was a sweet experience!