Underwater Quest

You are a marine paleontologist who has finally found the lost city of Atlantis, but the ocean holds surprises and challenges that even you did not expect. Before the hour is up, you will have to build your own compass, crack a mysterious code, and identify underwater creatures by the sounds they make.

Microbe Zoos

With a few household ingredients, we can create a comfortable environment for microbes and grow our own colonies, creating a microbe zoo!

No Cause for Alarm

We will explore fire detectors, prevention mechanisms, safe egress (access to exits), compartmentation, and smoke removal. You will create your own electromagnet like the ones used to lock and open electromagnetic fire doors!

Balloon Powered Cars

At this session you will make a model car with some realistic elements: wheels, axles, and a body, but powered by a balloon!

Learning Machines

We will understand how machines can learn from their mistakes, get smarter with each try, and develop a reinforcement learning agent to navigate through a maze!

Seed the Change on Earth Day

In this session, you will make your own seed bombs — nutrient packed balls containing native seeds — that help promote a healthy ecosystem!

Breeding Bees

Let’s explore the vital role that bees play as pollinators in our ecosystem and learn how we can help protect them.