The CAGIS Clubhouse: Then and Now

Old CAGIS Website

In 1997, CAGIS launched its first-ever website. See what the old CAGIS Clubhouse used to look like and hear about the revamped version’s new features.

Make Your own Beeswax Wrap

Graphic showing beeswax wrap and honey bees

Beeswax wraps are great for covering cold and room temperature foods that will be eaten within a few hours, or up to one day later, which makes them perfect for packing same-day lunches. Do not use beeswax wraps on highly perishable foods or foods that you plan on keeping for more than a day.

CAGIS Teen Ambassadors Launch a Robotics Club at their School

Bianca and Daniella building a robot

CAGIS Teen Ambassadors and grade 10 IB students, Bianca and Daniella Almeida, have taken the initiative to bring their passion for robotics to their secondary school. The twins joined CAGIS in 2015, and have been Teen Ambassadors for the past three years.

Winter Lab STEM Challenge

Winter boots on ice

This is your chance to be a bioengineer, test materials, and keep a popsicle stick person safe on a block of ice!

Be a Plant Scientist for a Day

venus fly trap

Did you know that plants are smarter than we think? CAGIS Hamilton got up close and personal with some amazing plants that can move, lure and catch prey, or even have their own defense system.

Be a Chemist for a Day


Have you ever wondered how medicines are made at a microscopic or nanoparticle scale? Join CAGIS Vancouver and scientists from chemical company, Evonik, for a fun, hands-on experience!

Build a Sound Recording Device

Build a Sound Recording Device

Have you ever recorded your voice on a phone or in a studio? Do you know how it works? In this session, we will receive FREE sound recorder kits in the mail and HACK them to learn the science, engineering, and mathematics of electronics!